Monday, June 7, 2010

New Post Ideas

It's been almost about one year since I last wrote anything. After years of remaining in a relationship that left me physically, emotionally and unable to recognize who I had become, I found myself and ended my engagement And I love myself for that. I'll be posting all those changes, as I continue to write. Hopefully this time at least once a month. There are so many things I could write about.

Tulsa, Oklahoma - What I learned about the people, places, and Spiders

From Stilettos to Combat Boots: (Girl Miltiary Life and more)

The Plant I Tried to Save - Holding and when you know its time to let go

Single life at 27 - How to survive a relationship set you back a few years.

Organizing "It Girl" Style

Fashion Merchandising Degree - Finding your purpose in life at any age and making the change

Talking to Strangers: Communicating with just about anybody you want

How to make just about anybody like you?

Is your Soul Mate really just your BEST Friend?

5 Years, Engaged, Building a House and then I wake up

Organizing Your life while you Party Like a Rockstar

DJ Kris' Billboard Top 100 - the music that shaped life

Will I still love "The Hills" when I'm 30?

Sometimes I'm Jealous of Myself (looking at your life from the outside and loving it)

Love Me/Hate Me - people you meet in life that love you & hate you

The Mean Girl and the Smart Girl - and somewhere in between (how and why I survived honors class with the top 25 GPA students but partyed with all the popular kids on the weekend.

"When I Come Home For My 10-Year Reunion, I will come back Sexy, Single, Skinny and Hot" (how I once predicted that I would be the one to plan our high school 10-year reunion and also listed what I wanted to have accomplished before coming back (skinnier then high school, sexy, long hair, awesome job, living somewhere great, not married, no kids, pluse loving life and how this has recently become a reality. (Ironic?)

Army Barbies - attractive women in the Army: (a memoir of how finding friends that are like me is just as hard as fighting off the men that want to get with me without having a negative affect on my career

Church girl and Private School? (a strict religious childhood, the lies, hyprocrites, and "sinners" I saw along the way and how I found God on my own.)

Daddy's Girl - The life lessons my Dad taught me: finances and credit reports, taking care of my car, hanging out at the bookstore, computers care, more

Step-Daddy's Girl - My second Dad and how I was lucky to have two separate men help shape my life choices (I thank him the most for getting me out of private school)

Mom/Hero/Life Coach/Best Friend/Idol - My mother deserves her own book in the Bible like Esther based on what I've learned and seen in the past 27 years. How my recent choices and path for life have been based on remembering specific childhood memories that keep popping in my head. Her character, strength, faith, decisions, and actions are all remembered from as young as 8 and inspire me each day. She is the reason:

I trust so so so (too) easily
I am a giver, not a taker
I can take a lot of shit from a man before I call quits
I can't say no and when I do I feel horrible for a long time
I am so nice to anybody/everybody,
I make those around me feel as special as I can b/c if they feel special then I'm happy,
My happiness comes from making other people happy even if I'm miserable
I can take on a lot, but then I crash and cry it out. Then its over and done and I move on.
I am energetic, silly, and hyper. I like to make people laugh (and happy)
I give people 2nd, 3rd, 4th.........100th chances. It takes a lot to cut you out. I'm too nice.
I will always remember how to save money, go to thrift shops, and bargain shop
I take forever to make a decision (especially if its a big one)
I ask so many everybody questions they probably don't even know or
I ask advice, opinions, even when I already know but I just want approval
And so much more

Bucketlist....I hate that word. How about the "My Life is Awesome List"(updates on my life list and my plan to complete everything on it and why everybody needs to create one immediately)

Vacay like a Rockstar (Guide to planning a trip just about anywhere and do everything you want)

Yes I am dating a Black Man, (interracial dating after growing up in an all white community)

"He's just NOT that into you" (the movie that only gave you a preview of what you should really know)