Monday, May 4, 2009

Why blog?

What an accomplishement! My blog has finally been created. This is my first offical blog entry. All of the posts prior to this one were written before this blog was created. Since I have been writing periodically for the past three years, I wanted to share my written thoughts and experiences as they occurred. Since there has already been so much explained about my past, today I plan on writing on what is actually happening now.

Today was a good day even though it rained here in Oklahoma. I should be used to this weather by now, but I still miss the always sunny California. Even though Oklahoma is not as bad as I thought it would be, I still have not entirely embraced this new home of mine. A few people have told me that it might take me up to a year to feel at home here. With 4 months down and 8 to go, I will remain hopeful. Of course having a job would help this situation since I would actually be doing something. Last week I heard back about a position that I had applied for back in February. Even though I was selected for the position, I am now waiting for the official offer and start date. Having a job will help me to pick up the pieces of my life that fell apart.

Well thats all for now. Goodnight

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