Monday, November 8, 2010

"I'm not Perfect, but I'm never Boring"

Well I can't believe I finally did it!  I finally published my blog and its not perfect.  My whole life I have been struggling with, well what have I not been struggling with.

Several books, articles, and conversations/experiences later, I realized that from childhood, I have been always trying to be perfect.  I grew up in church, attended private school, transferred to public school, went to college, and tried to make a relationship work and the whole time I was just trying to fit the mold of being perfect and live up to the expectations that I actually created for myself.  I don't place blame on anybody or anything and I thank everybody and everything that ever happened to me along the way.

I learned the best thing ever which is......"Being perfect isn't even normal.  And I never want to be normal"

So of course this is a warning to all my readers that my blog is going to be imperfect, fun, informal, and whatever else it can be that is going to show you everything that I am.  As you can see my blog is now called "Peace, Passion, and Procrastination" which is a random phrase that I thought of just today as I was leaving work.  Partly inspired by my best friend/soulmate Lori Vining and her recent sign off from her video application which is "Peace, Love, and Sunglasses", I realized that "Peace, Passion, and Procrastination" is everything me all combined into one great phrase which is now my blog!  You will also notice that the actual URL is still one of my old blog titles as I have been trying to find the "perfect" title before I published my blog for the world to read.  And so today, I felt so compelled to write/publish and kick off this passion that I have for writing and I really don't care how not "perfect" it is anymore.  This is a representation of me and so of course it can't be "perfect".

I want all my readers to criticize me on anything and everything.  I'm going to just write and not worry about my spelling, grammar, or anything that will slow me down.  I'm just going to spill out all the crazy stories, facts, ideas, and stuff that is in my head.  Please follow me, read me, share me, and just basically support me and I will be forever thankful. 

Peace, Passion, and Procrastination,


  1. I have just read your last 21 posts without comment. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed getting to know you a little in those posts. But in this post I felt excitement for your moment of clarity. It would seem that you have finally got to the point I your life when you can say. "screw everybody else. I'm going to be me". *thumbs up* and a respectful *nod* of the head. Living up to the expectations of others, and even worse, adopting their expectations as your own, will suck you dry. Live your life, honestly. It will confuse some people but be respected by others. Including me. I will be adding you to my blog list. Looking forward to more.

    If you find any spelling or grammer mistakes in this comment then, Well, you know, just overlook it.

    I'll go away now and continue reading the last few posts.

  2. Craig,

    Thanks so much. And my apologies for not seeing this earlier. As I'm sure you noticed, I started blogging a few years ago, but I just recently published it maybe two months ago. I sent it to facebook but I haven't gotten too much traffice yet. Just want you to know how much I appreciate your input.

    You are correct. I have been living on my own (with a roommate) This is the first time in my life without the pressure from family or relationship. A change to discover who I am.

    In October when I went back to VA to visit, I was looking at my hometown with a different set of eyes. Although I had my "momnet of clarity" it would be the first time around my family. I have actually been making an impact and helping my Mother to understand that she will only find peace if she searches beyond what she has been taught her whole life. This concept of making her own decision and choice in life is new to her, but progress is being made.

    By the way, I love being imperfect. Its so much easier. Plus it allowed me to finally get my stuff out there so I can actually start learning what needs to be done differently.

    Twitter has helped me tremendously lind up with other bloggers, but I am overwhelmed. I really need to instill some sort of time management so that I can get my writing done too. I really like to talk to people. I feel like I'm just wallking around the office all day making friends :)

    Plus I have a problem overwriting. I need to start making my posts shorter and daily with bullet points and lists. I'm going to try that out later.