Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Teach me how to Twitter"

Lori: "Tweet it to me so I can retweet it out"
Me: "I need to learn how to use twitter"
Lori: "I can give you a lesson tonight".

Have I mentioned yet how much I love my best friend Lori!  She is truly my real soul mate.  I did research on the whole soul mate search and love at first sight and its definitely not what we all learned watching those countless romantic movies like "Sleepless in Seattle" and "You've Got Mail".  Soul mates can be your best friend or somebody that walks in your life for a certain reason.  I would say probably less than 10 percent maybe even less than 5 percent actually end up marrying or having a real legitimate relationship with a soul mate.

Eight years ago I had ssimilar to a "love at first sight"  something extremely better.  I like to call it "She's going to be my best friend forever at first sight". 

Five years ago we started talking about my book "Stilettos to Combat Boots" before I left for Kuwait in 2004.  I started writing a bunch of stories and journal entries while I was there and after my return.  I wrote about everything from relationships, haircuts, and how crazy it was for me to join the army.  I am now in the process of searching, looking, and creating some sort of collaboration for all of the amazing ideas I have and of course my bluntly honest opinion on what I have learned along the way.

I always wondered why I was never the kind of girl to get too hung on to relationships or friendships that came in and out of my life.  I almost felt like of cold.  Well, I actually still feel kind of cold at times.  I'm not much of  a hugger, birthday remembering, present giving, or emotional kind of friend.  I'm not going to always remember to tell you how much you mean to me, but.........

My memory is freaking awesome.  After reading a few books and doing some deep research into my past, I realized that my memories alone were what I was capturing.  I can remember the smallest details from my past and I saved things along the way.  I keep a box of things to remember like old movie tickets or random tickets to trips that we took.  Did I mention all the business cards I have.  I looked through them a few months back.  I have almost everybody I have ever met!  Even before the facebook, myspace, twitter generation.  I have stores, restaurants, and random businesses from NYC, L.A, Vegas, Europe.  I even have crazy shot glasses and other random small "memory reminders" from Mexico, Myrtle Beach, Kuwait, etc.

Okay now to the point.  All my life I have been subconsciously planning/going through the process of becoming a writer.  I just never really knew it until a few months ago. 

1.  I knew I always wanted to write
2.  I have saved emails, myspace and facebook messages,
3.  I have notebooks after notebooks with quotes from friends, to do lists, and ideas
4.  I have every single CD from high school and all my mixed CDs (songs bring back tons of memories)
5.  I have all my old hard copy pictures from childhood until digital pictures organized and labeled in photo boxes.

I have only just began to really start "cleaning out my life" and go through all these things.  It makes writing my book so much easier though.  I have to say reading all the old emails back from 2004-2005 is going to be emotional because I will see what friends were really supportive during my time in Kuwait.  **Oh yeah I just remembered.  I have hand written letters from while I was in basic training/AIT.  I can't wait to find these!  I can already remember specific friends who I am not in contact with at the moment who were truly there for me while I was gone and kept me in their thoughts and prayers.  To all my Friends, Family,"Sigma Sisters" and whoever else who has come into my life, I might just have a few surprises in the next year or two.

Procrastination is my biggest flaw, along with being late to just about anything.  But I see it like this:

"I don't believe there is such a thing as being too late" - Kristin Wasilewski

Its never too late to apologize, say thank you or congratulations, email somebody back, or in my world text or call back.  It is never too late to make it to an event, apologize for not making it, or confess to somebody that you have a problem with time and it doesn't mean you don't really care about them.  It is truly never too late to let someone from your past know how they made you smile or how much you appreciate them and how lucky you are they came into your life  :) 

So now your asking how does Lori, my best friend, sister I never had, soul mate, fit into all this.  Well she is just like me.  I don't think we have ever called, text, or given presents for birthdays or Christmas.  (I take it back I did give her an awesome gift one year.  Hilarious actually.  I'm not going to say yet, I want to ask her if she remembers first).  Lori might call me and leave a message that is so funny to listen to and I won't call her back for weeks.  We have gone months without talking for some reason or another.  She never understood my relationship, which should have been a RED ALERT from the beginning.  I never understand hers.  But in reality, we actually do understand.  Does that make sense??  We never hugged when we left each other for saw each other.  We often met at the bar or club, and didn't really like "getting ready together". When Lori stood up at my first official Sigma event and answered this question. 

Who do you look up to the most as a role model and why?
Lori:  I look up to Britney Spears because she is only "22" at the time and she has done "blah blah blah".  She listed off all the awards, credentials, and whatever that Britney Spears had done so far.  It was that moment that I watched her standing there and my mind just said to itself "She is going to be your best best friend forever".  Crazy huh?  Of course Britney Spears has been my #1 since I was 15 years old, but it was more than that.  It was the way she described her,  the passion in her description, the way she was truly selling our girl Britney.  Not to mention the way that she was goofy, silly, and really didn't care what anybody else would think of her "stupid and possibly shallow choice of a role mode".

From that moment, we were just the same.  Make-up checks in the car, traveling like we were born for it, passion for fashion and it goes on and on.  **Oh and my favorite.  The first night I stayed at her parents house in the guest bedroom.  I woke up for the first time before my other friend.  She slept in even worse than me!  I remember thinking dang, I can go back to sleep.  I even remember wondering if she was ever going to wake up!  And that is when I knew I had met my match.  Oh yeah and of course we are ALWAYS LATE!!!

And this relates to my writing and future how?  Well we all need that somebody that motivates us and makes us better right.  Well lets just say that after one crazy 15 minute conversation and one 30 minute Twitter lesson later, I have just sat here without moving and written out this crazy blog post.  How about that for some inspiration?  Who needs to get married when you can become something great with your best friend right there beside you.  Or on the phone over a thousand miles away in New York City

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