Monday, December 20, 2010

Hearts, Smiles, and Tweets: How to Connect and Build Relationships

Twitter is just like high school, college, and the real world. You make friends with people who are just like you, who share common goals and interests with you, who can teach you something or provide you with information, and eventually people who are learning something from you.

Tweet with a positive attitude and motivating energy.  They say smiling while you talk over the telephone can alter your mood and tone of voice.  I am smiling 25% of the time and laughing the other 75%  so practice  the "smile while we tweet" and see how it goes.  If you were a cheerleader and high school Socialite like myself, you will build your friendships quickly. However if you are not a naturally outgoing and friendly person and expect to have a more difficult time with this, you might consider additional resources to provide further guidance.

Before you Tweet

1. Establish your goals
2. Blog should be created
3. Face book page created and updated
4. Linked account created
5. Any other websites, pages, links that you have ready

Tweet Time

1. Initial First Impression (name, photo, bio, background)
2. Search using interests. You have to find people.
3. Making Initial Contact and exchange of information
4. Watch tweets, find out more about them using bios lists and replies
5. Researching their work by website, face book, blogs
6. Follow “Will you be my friend”
7. Promote and sell yourself to them. Why do they want to follow you?
8. Reply back to messages, replies, say thank you. Show you care.
9. Relationship Forms (Follow and Follow Back)
10. Be Real – you will find out quicly who you connect with

Avoid Getting Dumped

1. Tweet on a regular basis, stay in the picture
2. Content of tweets. Funny, Informational, Inspiring, Current Information
3. Be yourself. It works. Be funny, and personable. Mess up. Ask for help.
4. Stay close to your friends. Reply,Re-tweet and message
5. Share your friends and support each other.
6. Give compliments. Your enthusiasm can only be read.
7. Don’t hold back. The friends who cut you off are not the ones you need
8. Making it a Long Term Relationship (possibly with benefits)
9. Don’t compete. Acknowledge accomplishments and seek advice
10. Remember the little people. Once you make, you help someone else.

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