Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Love/Life List (annual update)

Pray every day
Read the whole Bible
Go to church on Sunday (become a member)
Learn how to meditate
Visit the Holy Land
Form a prayer group
Forgive" people from my past, overcome anger
Change somebody’s life
Be positive every day
Say no without feeling bad
Attend a Catholic Mass

Call my family more often
Stay in touch with old friends (email, call, myspace, facebook, etc)
Message all my friends on myspace, facebook
Meet someone new every day
Host a family reunion and maybe trip
Host a reunion with high school friends
Help organize 10-year reunion (October 2011)

Run 30 miles a week every week
Get back into lifting weights
Take a yoga class
Take a Pilate's class
Get back to my previous fitness level
Run a marathon
Run 2 miles in less than 14 minutes
Swim for a whole mile
Complete triathlon
Buy a bike and ride it
Go on a long hiking trip
Be a vegetarian for 1 month
Go 30 days with no soda
Go 30 days with no chocolate

Read 1 book each month
Start a blog
Write in a journal every day
Fill a journal with inspiring quotes, lyrics, images, and ideas
Write an article for a magazine or online
Write a book (published)
Become a freelance writer
Create a website
Build my daughter a hope chest
Make scrapbooks
Make Mom scrapbook or collage.
Learn how to sew (make a piece of clothing)
Take an art or craft class
Make a fashion journal (magazine pics)

Volunteer a few hours each month
Join at least 2 nonprofit organizations
Start a non-profit organization
Organize a charity fundraiser
Give up/dedicate a birthday or Christmas to charity
Go on a charity/volunteer vacation
Get coco (my dog) a work certificate
Rescue a dog

Learn CPR (get recertified)
Learn to drive a stick shift engine
Learn to play golf
Learn to play the guitar
Learn/Practice playing the piano again
Learn how to ski
Learn to snowboard
Leanr to speak Spanish
Learn to speak another language (maybe Italian)
Learn how to cook (classes?)

Learn to surf
Learn to water ski
Complete my college degree (Finally finish the last COMM course
Complete Masters in Psychology or Religion
Teach a college class
Learn Spanish
Learn another language (Italian)
Get a great job
Change jobs until I'm completely happy
Start my own business/work for myself
Become an expert or teach a class

Find my true love
Get married
Go on a blind date
Join an online dating service
Never get divorced!!

Get a tattoo
Get rid of clutter and only keep what matters most
Take my mom on vacation to special place she has never been
Visit all 50 states
Live in another country
Travel or live in Europe (go back to Rome!)
Go to Disneyland
Go on a cruise
Be on Amazing Race! Send Application and find partner!
Swim with dolphins
Go scuba diving
Feed the sharks
Ride in a helicopter
Go white water rafting
Go skiing
Learn how to surf
Go up in a hot air balloon
Go sailing
Go camping
Climb a mountain
Ride a camel
Ride an elephant
Take horseback riding lessons; start riding again
Go to museums, art shows, etc more often
Attend a wine class, learn about wine
Go to drive in movie theatre
Go on a picnic

Go on a trip around-the-world
Go to Egypt
Go to Hawaii
Go to Ireland
Go to Italy
Go to London
Go to Niagra Falls
Go to Paris
Go to the Grand Canyon
See the aurora borealis
See the Great Wall of China
see the rain forest

Financial plan (contact brother for Financial Advisor help)
Find a part time job (preferably from home)
Create a legit budget I can handle
Pay off credit card debt
Pay off student loans
Pay off builder for house
Savings Account (Disaster/Accident covered for 6 months of no work)
Savings Account – Travel/Adventure
Buy a dependable “Green” Car
Build a house (and actually keep it lol)
Build a log cabin or purchase a house on the beach
Buy a new good quality laptop (MAC)

Take dancing lessons
Get a tattoo
Get my palm read (fortune teller)
Learn more about how to plants (how to plant and keep alive)
Get professional pics taken
Learn how to change a tire
Meet the President
Go to Britney Spears concert
Get married
Have Children

Go deep sea fishing
Go hang gliding
Go to a NASCAR race
Go to a prfessional football game
Go to a professional baseball game
Go to a prfessional basketball game
Go to a professional hockey game
Raft through the Grand Canyon

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