Thursday, January 20, 2011

#RulesforMen and #RulesforWomen

The following list was inspired by today's trending topic #RulesforMen on Twitter.  One of my followers suggested that I post a blog with what I had written.  I had thought about doing the same thing and my follower just gave me the extra motivation I needed. Oh how I love Twitter. This list is not only just Rules for Men or Rules for Women.  These are my own personal standards in life that I practice following each day.

1. Be Spiritual. Believe in God. Have Faith.

2. Honesty. Trust. Integrity.

3. Love God. Love You. Love Family. Love Friends. Love Me.

4. Be Kind. Be Good.

5. Listen. Communicate. Feel.

6. Be Confident. Be Strong. Protect Me.

7. Teach Me. Learn From Me. Grow Together.

8. Be Humble. Give More. Take Less. Help Others.

9. Be Real. Be Unique. Be Different.

10. Have Passion. Reach Goals. Follow Dreams.

Peace & Hearts


  1. beautiful words n standards, taking life a day at a time n' feeling blessed is oh so important! To appreciate what so many take for granted.

    Making others smile n laugh n feel appreciated is priceless!

    n ya twitter is pretty awesome... thank god for technological wonders...

  2. Your awesome! Thanks for the support!! You inspire and motivate me!