Thursday, January 27, 2011

26 Strange Fun Facts About Me

I don't know why I am in such a crazy mood today but I thought it would be fun to do this.  Here are 26 strange and crazy facts about myself.


1.    I love to eat olives by themselves. (black and green)

2.    I have $300 worth of scrapbooking supplies and I can't wait to start.

3.    Sometimes I feel like I never fit in with any of my high school or college friends even though I was pretty popular.  I was a cheerleader and in a sorority but maybe it was never really me.

4.    In high school I excelled in Math but I should have been taking Art and Drama. (thats what I love)

5.    I learned how to speak and read body language from my dog.

6.    When I get really mad or experience social overload, I just want to be alone with magazines, my computer, and wine. (even though I love people)

7.    I'm so outgoing and sociable but still think I'm somewhat of loner. (because I love being alone)

8.    I refuse to ever move in with a guy (boyfriend or husband) without having my own room!

9.    I won a spelling bee in 1st grade and was "perfect at spelling" and now I don't care.

10.  When I was in private school, the best day of my life was when I had to go to the principal's office.

11.  I am exactly 50% Mom and 50% Dad = 100% like my Brother (girl version)

12.  I'm looking for a guy that reminds me of my brother (personality)!  He is so AWESOME!

13.  I have been writing since I was little.  I used to make Art and Writing Journals.

14.  I still need to forgive my boyfriend in 9th grade for throwing away my diary.

15.  I just learned how to say NO about a year ago.  I was too nice.

16.  Me and my best friend from 5th grade just reconnected after 15 years and I can't wait to see her!

17.  I talk a lot about being single and loving it but I'm a hopeless romantic.  I'll never settle.

18.  I am not into traditions at all.  I take it back, I want to invent new ones.

19.  I used to be a stuck up snob, now I just love God, people, and nature.  God is awesome.

20.  My Dad is my superhero.  He is so smart, studies philosophy, religion and has been around the world and back again.  He has journals and books that he started writing and never finished.  My job is going to be to write his story one day.  He keeps telling me this indirectly.  His story is going to surpass anything that I have to write about, but I will be able to add my crazy twist.  I can't wait for this.

21.  My favorite childhood memory is playing Barbie's in my room all by myself.  I was acting out my future life.  Barbie could be anything and do anything. 

22.  My Mom was and is my best friend forever.

23.  I can remember the first time meeting every important person that is in my life.  God tells me something the first time I see them like "hey that person you will know forever" (crazy huh?)

24.  My dreams are sometimes premonitions.  This scared me at first since the first one was before the Virginia Tech shootings.  (I had to leave work that day, it affected me for like 2 weeks).  Now I have learned how to use my dreams to interpret what God wants me to do next.  I dreamed about a month ago about an empty apartment with boxes and I was going back to get my last few things.  Now I'm moving back home! 

25.  Psychic Ability - I have the 6th sense. I know what people are going to do or say before things happen.  If I talk or think about people hard enough, they sometimes even contact me when I haven't heard from them in a while.  I still second guess myself a lot, but 90% of the time I can think that something is going to happen and it does.  I guess I'm just that spiritual.......(who knows)

26.  When I meet people, I know right away if I will connect with them or not and I can read them really well.  I still second guess myself a lot and don't realize how right I am until I learn more about them.  But I am usually always right!  This is why I don't give people the option to get that close to me if I don't feel the immediate connect.  I call this "Instant Connect"

Any questions........

Peace and Hearts


  1. #1 I'm eating them right now! I love olives all of them. Sometimes when I want to be fancy I pour Italian dressing over them.

    #12 I thought I was the only one who felt this way about their brother. Mine is an amazing man and if I can find someone who is just half the man he is it would be amazing!

    #21 I still have my Barbie's from my childhood! she is everything I wanted to be and still strive to be! You gotta love Barbie

  2. Yummy! I'm going to have to try the Italian dressing.

    Yes my brother is so awesome. He is 3 years younger so we got really close starting in high school and throughout college even though we were miles away from each other at times.

    Love Barbie forever. She could be anything, and I think that she represents my life. lol I never did have a wedding dress for her and I never let her and Ken get married. I'm pretty sure that has something to do with my fear of commitment or rather my fear of marrying the wrong person.