Thursday, March 10, 2011

We are too much fun to waste

Here it is....after too many forgotten quotes and deleted text messages, we now have a way to record and relive our famous quotes.

"The secret stories of a girl who had to get lost first so she could learn how to find peace, love, and true happiness" - Kristin

"A journey she never could have imagined brings her into the life she has always dreamed." - Kristin

"Anything and everything but perfect and normal." - Kristin

"Two blondes come up with the best ideas" - Kristin or Brandy

"When is she going to get a new car?...And a new hairstyle for that matter?" - Kristin

"...come live life...and be warm..." - Kristin (on moving to Cali with me)

"That's kind of HOT, in a dark way.........what?? - Kristin

Brandy: I can't wait to move to CA!
Kristin: What is it that made us this way, we are not satisfied living in VA and we just want a better life somewhere else. How did we get so different than all the other people here.
Brandy: Watching celebrities and other people living in fun places on TV.
Kristin: "For most people it was just watching television, but for me it was an advertisement for my future life”

Lori trying to understand how to translate Korean
Lori: So it's backwards from English right? It wouldn't be "Lets take a ride in the car" it would be
"Ride in a car, let's take a"

In NY Lori orders the two cheeseburger meal from McDonalds for lunch but saves one cheeseburger and puts it in her purse. Later that night Lori:
"I have a cheeseburger in my purse"

Kristin: Where is Cary?
Brandy: On the treadmill until May

While walking out of TC late on night Lori sees a pimped out Neon
Lori: "I like your caaarrrr!!!"
Jessica: "Lori, it was Neon!"

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