Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cabin Fever Activity List

Today is Day Two of Cabin Fever and I'm getting extremely restless.  My dog is driving me crazy and actually I'm driving myself crazy.  Here is a list of the things I have done to allow the time to go by:

1.    Sleep
2.    Nap
3.    Half-way Sleep (part-time dreaming/day dreaming)
4.    Drink Wine
5.    Watch a movie (until the cable went out)
6.    Watch TV
7.    Tweet my life away (normal activity and behavior)
8.    Facebook (Finally decided to get on a little more)
9.    Talk on the phone (until I lost signal)
10.   Listen to Music
11.   Ab workout
12.   Clean my Bathroom
13.   Played outside (until I almost got frostbite)
14.   Stalk people online (Yes everybody does it)
15.   Think about all the things I should be doing.

ALIBI:  Laundry!!!!!

And here is my To Do List which I failed to accomplish:

1.    Resume for a job that was emailed to me
3.    Start Packing for Move
4.    Start Clearing out my Work Computer before I leave
5.    Everything Important

Peace and Hearts


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  2. I'm horrible! I never realize that I have blog comments. I'm just used to being the only reader. I just read this and think it sounds awesome, but I am definitely late.

    I'm traveling/relocating to East Coast in the next week, but I would love to connect again so I can better understand how it all works. I would love to get my writing out there.

    Thanks and again I am so sorry for being so late.