Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Passion: Do you ever just "flow"?

Have you ever caught yourself in some activity that you get extremely carried away with.  I once found myself in Sam's club reading books for like 3 hours.  I didn't even realize what had happened. They had a lot of books on religion, woman's Bible study, and a few journals that I ended up buying.  I had gone to Sam's club for dog bones and came out 3 hours later with three journals.  I couldn't believe that I had spent that time in there.  I literally had a Bible study in the middle of Sam's Club by myself.  I was in what I like to call "flow". 

"Flow" is when I get inspiration out of nowhere that just takes over my body and I end up reading, praying, and writing a lot.  There is no specific time that this happens.  It is completely random.  God's not on a particular schedule.  He makes up his own timing.  Once you decide to stop controlling your own life so much, you can link up with his timing and just "flow".

Peace and Hearts

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