Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What is the Secret To Her Swag...I'm Just Being Kristin (Part 1)

I signed up for twitter maybe a year ago.  When I realized in November that it was a place for me to capture my thoughts, I started to use for my personal collection of Kristin-isms.  Here is the most recent collection of my favorite tweets from the past month.  I have more saved that I'm working on collecting for the next post. I have a mind that constantly thinks, creates, and questions life.  I love the art of expression and I love to share it.  Of course some of my secrets will always remain my own, but I hope you enjoy what I have decided to share so far.  I love life and I love you.

My passion gets me high.

Editing and upgrading this thing called my life.

Being a grownup is overrated.

Just being dumb. *blonde shrug*

I have this great idea. Let’s all love each other.

I like people to wonder why I’m still happy.

Life Motto: “I’m not ready yet”

The diversity of people on my timeline is a mere reflection of the diversity in my real life.

I’m sorry. You are not on my “To Do List” for today.

I’m the girl you’re not ready for yet.

You are confusing. I am unpredictable. Together we are in for a crazy surprise.

Great Lovers Think Alike

#becauseofmyex I know exactly what I want from my next.

#ileftyoubecause God told me you were not the one.

Look. Listen. Like. Love. Leave. Learn. Live. Laugh. Repeat.

I’m not looking. I’m living.

It’s so hard to find someone who wants to be independent and in a relationship. Not a lot of people understand this.

I believe in love at first lyric.

You will start to remember the moment I forget.

I can’t wait to live together. It’s going to be a permanent vacation.

I observe the smallest details. You have no idea.

My life is pretty damn ridiculous.

I think it’s really neat when people that you care about share a part of their world with you.

Plan less. Pray more.

If I was Cinderella I would have been too late to make it before the clock struck midnight.

I have to make fun of my life or I might go insane.

Weddings are just dress up parties with free alcohol.

I used to be this girl, now I’m this woman.

Please don’t waste your time trying to forget about me.

God put everything on this earth for us to use not abuse.

Sometimes I might not have a lot to say because I’m thinking it all out in my mind.

My feelings sometimes get hurt without me even realizing it until later.

People always want to place blame on each other when the fact is “It wasn’t meant to be”.

I might not know exactly what right looks like, but I have surely seen enough wrongs.

I’m not high maintenance. I was just taught to maintain high standards.

I might always be late but I have perfect timing.

People get so caught up with things they don’t need that they forget about the things we are given for free.

All these people waiting everyday for life to get better, I just live the better life every single day.

The fine art of being blonde. Play like you’re dumb as hell when you’re really smart as shit.

What he didn’t know is that I knew more than him.

My inner party will never die.

I am not afraid to express myself.

I party like a rock star and pray like a nun.

I paint pictures in my head and use words to describe what they look and feel like.

Sometimes the greatest pain we go through in life happens so we can later provide help to another #circleoflife

I define who I am. You either like it or leave it.

The ingredients for making dreams come true: imagination, strategy, hope and patience.

Feelings come and go but love should be unconditional <3

It takes just one song to change your life.

You would think by now I would have learned that getting ready sober is in my best interest. But this is life.

Many women tend to over think a situation. I prefer not to think at all.

Life isn’t supposed to make sense.

I wish everybody could be honest.

I love it when my mind slows down so I can elaborate on one great idea before jumping to another.

Watching American Idol is way too much of a commitment for me.

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