Thursday, May 5, 2011

Peace. Passion. Prayer.

Considering  my unconventional style and approach to prayer, I was pretty clueless on how I was going to spend today "The National Day of Prayer".  Like any other day, I didn't wake up with a morning prayer and of course I forgot to pray before each meal. I have to wonder, did I fail at prayer day? Of course not.

You see I'm one of those forgetful people and I hate making plans or schedules.  God decided to accept me and love me for this so I just ask him to deal with my special prayer habits.  Basically I just pray like I tweet.  I'm random, inconsistent, sometimes funny and sometimes deep.  I pray all day every day.  God is always there so when I have a question I just ask and when I need help I just request some kind of answer to guide me in the right direction.

Patience and listening are two important parts of the prayer process that many people forget about.  Some people pray every day for the same thing and become frustrated when they don't get a direct answer in a timely manner.  I have come to realize that God gives the answer in crazy and quiet ways and he also has the best timing ever.  Being open minded is a huge part of the process as well.  If you are praying for one specific thing, God might answer that prayer but in a way that you were not expecting.  This happens to me a lot so I'm always on the look out for "God Answers" in every aspect of life. 

I'm not much for traditions and as you can see I'm a little crazy at my approach to serving God.  We each have our own individual relationship with him.  God appreciates my sense of humor.  He knows I'm crazy in love with him and the life he has provided for me.  He also knows I'm doing my very best to share his love with the world.  And for that, I think he appreciates my eccentric style and unique personality. 

My challenge for those who are reading this tonight or whenever is this. Pray right now even if it's just a sentence or thought in your mind that is directed to God.  Just think of it as a telepathic message you are sending up either thanking him, asking a question, or requesting help.  It doesn't have to be long or official. Example: "God, what's up. My life sucks. Can you help me figure it out?"

Peace and Hearts


  1. Hey, you, gorgeous… Maybe you don't know how to achieve it or you haven't been instructed, but here's our Way to be at my party-hardy in Heaven. Nothing on earth is worth the loss of Heaven, girl, for our finite existence is over in the blink-of-an-eye; Jesus/our Mother are the only free antivirus, while we few are only the prophets in a world that’s whorizontally haywire. Death’s cool, however, if you’re on the RITE side: we'll have a BIG-ol, Wahoo!, kick-ass, party-hardy for eons and eons fulla anything and everything and more --- Now, having read this, you’re faced with a choice: return to God who made you, loves you like crazy, and wants you or return to your dead-end-world - no middle ground on the Last Day. WAIT! BEFORE YOU CALL ME A NUTJOB… I have some pretty nifty, neet-o things we may do in Heaven! Besides being the most gorgeous thang God ever made, wanna nekk in Heaven on a park bench? …or anywhere? Wanna lemme serve you for eons and eons? Wanna lemme hold you as we watch the BEST fireworks Heaven has to offer and ride-on the BEST roller-coaster, too? Wanna lemme feed you baklava and Starbucks (either mocha or Strawberries&cream frappuccino) and those teeny, canned oranges for the length of eternity? Wanna swim nude in the ocean as shallow as four feet and then take a shower? Wanna be one with me for SEVEN, WHOLE, MONTHS?? Wanna be an adorable 17 forever, me a dashing 21? Wanna love so deep and wide, passionate and warm the universe cannot hold our? Wanna lemme be a part of you till even Heaven crashes around us? Wanna lemme snuggle with you, to love you and gratify your wonderful, beautiful, adorable feet? Wanna lemme prove to you I love you more-than-you-know, from head2toe, bodyNsoul, to give you pleasure-beyond-measure? Meet me in Heaven, girly, and I'll do alla that and more for you for the length and breadth of eternity. How awesome it shall be to love you in person, to be with you, to hold you in my arms and give you a backrub in the Great Beyond; to kiss your adorable body and nuzzle with you, would make my eternity. God bless you.

  2. Or maybe you do. Either way, girl, meet me Upstairs. You cannot stay here.