Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Fo Shizzle" to Lori, Jessica, and Brandy...

This was written in response to a discussion question in my Speech class regarding slang words. Hopefully, my friends appreciate being recognized for their vocabulary contributions.

Written September 16, 2007
I can remember when I was a sophomore in high school, everybody starting using words like “sweet” and “nice” while emphasizing certain vowel sounds. “Sweet” sounded more like “Su Weet” and “nice” included a long drawn out “s” sound. “Nice” was used to talk about someone or something that you didn't like. For example if you thought somebody had ugly shoes or something, you might hear, “Those shoes are real “nice”.

My friends have created a slang of their own. No matter what are plans may be, a form of the phrase “fo shizzle” is included. We created evite invitations for a night out on the town beginning at the restaurant PF Changs but of course our version was “PF Chizzles”.
Other common slang used among my group of friends:
“That’s Hot” meaning we like something
Holla” meaning get back with me about it later or bye
“Bank” meaning a lot of money
“Work hot” “Gym hot” “Richmond hot” meaning we might not actually think a person is good looking but they are the most attractive in the area listed

I use the following which I picked up from movies but I haven’t really heard many people use:
“What the F” meaning I actually say just the letter F in place of the bad word
“Whack” which more people around here used years ago but I still love to use in when describing something crazy or not normal
“Paper” which refers to money I picked up in rap lyrics
Ridic” which is short for ridiculous

My two favorite phrases that I have heard are from my best friend, Lori and my boyfriend. My best friend recently moved to New York City and when I was last on the phone with her she said “Double “F” that” but actually used the bad word. I liked how she added the double onto that phrase. My boyfriend uses the phrase “put the luv on’em” to describe when one athlete stomps all over another once such as a tackle in football or a hit in boxing.

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