Thursday, April 30, 2009

Flight to Life

Written July 26, 2008
Today is the day I start living. I am not referring to the day that I was born and I am not a believer in rebirth or reincarnation. What I mean is that today is the first day for me to take back control of my life. I will always remember today because it is the beginning of happiness. Today is the beginning of a new chapter of my life. It is a day that I will never forget because it will always be a reminder of personal strength and growth. Today I am free and I can now begin to work towards peace and happiness, two feelings which have been erased from my life for so long that I fear that I will forget what they are like.

I am on a plane writing in a standard notebook tablet because my laptop continues to blackout immediately after I unplug it from the outlet. I'm sure I have a problem with the battery or charger, but sure enough when technology fails, one can always depend on pen and paper.

I plan on writing everyday, similar to journal entries that will also include stories and information about my past. Three years ago, I planned to write a book, but I have to wonder if "Blogging" is the new "Book" for the 21st century. It is to early to predict what will become of my written thoughts and experiences.

My plane is getting ready to land which means that I am one stop closer to being home. After several flights in the past two years, it is this one flight that I will never forget. Years from now, I will still recognize this flight as one that had a great impact on discovering myself.

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